Creative Bath Systems, Family and Locally Owned

Creative Bath Systems is owned and operated by Bob and Jim, two brothers who have been working together in bathroom remodeling since high school. Bob and Jim learned all about remodeling and home building from their father, an architectural designer who taught them and who still works in the old traditional way. Lucky for Creative Bath Systems, their father brings years of experience as well as beautiful design work that meets city planning requirements and is completed quickly and professionally.

Jim and Bob have have 60 combined years of hands-on experience themselves. Jim was a master trim carpenter for 20 years, specializing in round stairways, cabinets, bookcases and custom decks. You can expect only the best from both of them, as their many years of experience working in the trade guarantees hassle-free work and beautiful results.

Bob and Jim personally manage each project from beginning to end. They will be there for the first meeting, the estimate, the signing of contracts, consultations on architectural designs if needed, and the building of your project from start to finish. Because Bob and Jim supervise every project themselves, there is no need to pay more money for site supervisors or contractors. With Creative Bath Systems, you pay as little as possible. 

Being on site every step of the way allows Bob and Jim to keep your project on schedule, also allowing them to ensure that you get the highest quality of work. Being there every day allows them to be available to answer your questions, listen to your needs and work with you to build your dreams exactly the way you want. They understand how hard you work for your money – they work as hard as you do to ensure you get exactly what you’re paying for.

Creative Bath Systems carry two million dollars in General Liability Insurance and is a registered Contractor in the State of Ohio.

Jim and Bob handle corporate and personal projects alike, both large and small. This means they can handle big contracts while understanding the importance of one-on-one, dedicated time with their clients.

Creative Bath Systems isn’t only about renovating your bathroom! Bob and Jim, along with their father, will gladly take on your kitchen renovation projects or any other home repair or home improvement project you need help with, ensuring you get everything done correctly the first time, which means your home, kitchen or bathroom renovation or improvement project will last.

Contact us today by using the contract form found on our website. This allows us to know your location and contact information and enables us to get in touch with you and discuss your renovation project in more detail.

Full Service Bathroom Remodeling in Cleveland, Ohio

Creative Bath Systems is about more than fitting your old bathtub and wall with acrylic liners. If you are looking for a full bathroom renovation, look no further! We will gladly take on your project and fully design a whole new bathroom for you. We will take the time to sit down with you and understand exactly what you have in mind so that you are fully satisfied with your new bathroom. Nothing is out of reach – we will quickly and professionally build or renovate floors, vanities, toilets, sinks and countertops. For more information and a full quote on your renovation project, contact us directly from Creative Bath Systems.

Creative Bath Systems
51 Meadow Lane Suite C
Northfield, Ohio 44067

Phone: (330) 467-2227
Toll Free: (877) 709-BATH

We're local in Cleveland, Ohio. Creative Bath Systems is family owned and locally based in Cleveland, Ohio. Ready to talk to one of our knowledgeable representatives?

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