The Bathroom Is a Small Space to Begin With, so How Can You Make the Most of It?
February 12th, 2019 5:40 pm

Check out These unique Hacks for Ways to Utilize
Every Square Inch of Your Small Bathroom

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Thirteen Small Bathroom Hacks Every Homeowner Should Know!

Bathrooms are small spaces with a lot of function. And you can get the most function when you're creative with what you've got. We found the best bathroom hacks that will give you more storage to keep your makeup, toiletries, and linen organized because having a small space doesn't mean you have to compromise storage. Check out these hacks for ways to use every square inch of your small bathroom.

    1. Towel Rack

It's a Well-Know Fact That the Full Bath (Or Family Bath) Is Where All the Action Happens
February 11th, 2019 7:38 pm

These Tips Will Help Create a Space That Stands up to All the Traffic

Take the Time to Seriously Review How You Use the Space and Set Goals for Your Remodel

Creative Bath Systems

Designing a Full Bath

The children use it, overnight guests use it, and for homes without a master bathroom, the full bath (or family bath) is where all the action happens. It’s a high-traffic space, and for this reason, functionality is the theme. The bathroom must work for everyone. And that’s a tall order.

When planning a full bathroom remodel, take the time to seriously review how you use the space and set goals for your remodel so you can stay on track...

From Warm and Earthy to Cool and Modern, These Color Palettes Are in Right Now!
February 9th, 2019 4:35 pm

Not Sure What Color(s) to Use in Your Bathroom?
Try One or More of the Following!

Creative Bath Systems

Twenty Bathroom Color Schemes

From warm and earthy to cool and modern, these hip color palettes are sure to transform your bathroom from boring to brilliant. If you're looking for a bathroom remodeling company to help in your bathrooms transformation, give Creative Bath Systems a call today - 330.467.2227!

    Forest Foliage

    Deep, moody green interiors are taking the design world by storm, and bathrooms are no exception. Consider a hue like hunter, olive, forest, jade or emerald for the walls, and balance its intensity with natural wood and jute accents. Matte black fixtures and ceramics complete this look. The trendy palette works w...

At Creative Bath Systems, We Know That Honesty Is Always the Best Policy
February 8th, 2019 7:29 pm

Many People Have Misconceptions About Using a Less
Costly, More Service Friendly Contractor

We're Here to Tell You the Truth About These Companies

Creative Bath Systems

We'd like to Tell You a Few Truths

Most people have misconceptions about using a less costly, more service friendly local contractor, even one who has been around for years like Creative Bath Systems. Big contractors and installers spend tons of money advertising and spreading falsehoods because they need to get so much business to reward their shareholders and make a profit. We'd like to tell you a few truths about acrylic bathtub liners and wall covers and the companies that manufacture and install them. At Creative Bath Systems we know that honesty is always the best policy.

If Your Small Bathroom Is Cramping Your Style, Try These Tips to Maximize Space and Functionality
February 7th, 2019 6:41 pm

Making Your Bathroom Appear Larger & More Open Is Possible

And, You Can Achieve This Larger Appearance Without the Heavy Construction or Demolition!

Creative Bath Systems

How to Make a Small Bathroom Look Bigger

When planning a bathroom remodel, what is one thing that many people want the most? For their new bathroom to appear a little larger and more open because let's face it, larger bathrooms look luxurious, and they draw in prospective buyers for those who plan to sell in the future.

If you would like for your bathroom to appear larger, you're in luck because there are a few tips and tricks that will help make your bathroom 'appear' larger without the heavy construction or demolition required. You will find some of these tips and tricks below. When you...

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