Aging in Place While Staying in the Home You Love IS Possible!
April 3rd, 2019 4:56 pm

But First, You Must Take into Consideration Some Important Factors

Such as Location, Space, Toilets, Grab Bars, the Bathtubs/Shower and More

Creative Bath Systems

Locations - Where Should Your Bathroom(s) Be?

At least one full bathroom should be located on the main level of the home (along with the bedroom, kitchen, common areas and laundry room). If there is not a bathroom on the main floor of the house, you may wish to consider remodeling to add an additional bathroom or install a chair lift or elevator for easy access to other levels. If you also use another bathroom, you should consider also making the changes below (or similar) to them.

Space - Does Your Bathroom

Are You Looking for Ways to Make Your Bathroom More Family Friendly for Everyone?
April 2nd, 2019 6:59 pm

These Ten Professional Tips Can Help You on Your Way!

Embrace Color Without Sacrificing Taste, Get a Step Stool and More!

Creative Bath Systems

10 Ways to Make Your Bathroom More Family-Friendly:

There comes a time when your little one is old enough to start enjoying more independent bathroom time. From rubber bath toys to extra toothbrushes and towels, your tiny tot might begin to take over this often-small space. When you're a single-bathroom household, you're left with no choice but to reorganize and update key features in your shared bathroom.

But retiling or adding a sink to accommodate the juniors can be rather costly. And there's limited space to work with....

Our Walk-Thru Bathtub Provides Safety, Accessibility, Affordability, and Convenience
April 1st, 2019 6:07 pm

What Else Can You Expect from Your Walk-Thru Bathtub?

Reduces the Possibility of Falling While Getting in and out of Your Bathtub

Creative Bath Systems

An Affordable, Safe & Easy Alternative Entry into Your Bath/Shower

How can our qualified team members remove one of the most significant barriers in your bathroom - the high sidewall of your bathtub? By installing one of our Walk-Thru Bathtub Inserts. With our Walk-Thru Bathtub, we will also reduced the possibility of slipping and falling while getting in and out of your tub. One of the many benefits of our Walk-Thru Bathtub installation is that we are able to use the existing bathtub whether it is made of fiberglass, steel or even cas...

Do You Need Tips on How to Find the Right Countertop for Your Bathroom Remodel?
March 30th, 2019 4:54 pm

The Bathroom Is No Place for Delicate, Porous Surfaces!

Granite and Marble, Solid Surface, Laminate, Tile or Wood Are Great Options

Creative Bath Systems

It's Time to Choose Your Bathroom Countertops

Vanity tops must play the dual role of being durable and capable of standing up to water, soap, and cosmetics while serving as an ample work surface for morning rush hour in the bathroom. As you can imagine, this is no place for delicate, porous surfaces. At the same time, the vanity top can be a focal point and a connecting point, where wood cabinets below meet tile wall above, for instance.

The surface you choose for that countertop is going to depe...

Reap Restful and Stylish Rewards with One or More of These Bathroom Upgrades
March 29th, 2019 6:34 pm

Floating Vanities, Frameless Glass Showers, Storage Solutions & More

Ready to Get Started on Your Next Bathroom Upgrade? Give Us a Call Today!

Creative Bath Systems

Consider Adding a Few of These Fabulous Features

Are you planning a bathroom remodel? Consider adding one or more of the following fabulous features. Learn how to upgrade a bathroom with radiant-heat flooring or a roomy whirlpool tub. While these upgrades will require a small investment, you'll reap restful and stylish rewards! Additionally, when you're ready to get started on your next bathroom remodel, give Creative Bath Systems a call - we can help with ALL of your bathroom wants and needs!


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