Combine Luxury, Relaxation, and Functionality into Your Next Bathroom Remodel
January 31st, 2019 7:22 pm

When It's Possible to Have the Bathroom of Your Dreams, Why Wait?

Creative Bath Systems Can Update Your Tired or Outdated Bathroom Today!

Creative Bath Systems

Trendy Bathroom Remodeling Ideas That Endure

Do you have a bathroom or bathrooms that are tired, outdated or are being used as a utilitarian space? If so, now is the perfect time to embark on that bathroom remodeling project you've always dreamed of! In today's day and age, bathroom design trends are combining luxury, relaxation, and functionality to create an experience that will help ensure that you love stepping into your bathroom.

With the following designs, you will be able to stay up to date on all the latest things within your bathroom. When you're ready to get...

Are You Planning on Selling Your Home? Utilize These Resale Bathroom Remodeling Tips
January 30th, 2019 10:11 pm

Boost Your Home Value by Choosing Quality Materials That Appeal to the Masses

If You're Ready to Get Started on Your Next Bathroom Remodel, Give Creative Bath Systems a Call!

Creative Bath Systems

Remodeling for Resale

When buyers tour homes for sale, they're taking a close look at the bathrooms. For some, the sheer number of bathrooms in a home is critical - they must have a master, a family bathroom (full bath) and a half bathroom (powder room) for guests. So, you might be adding another bathroom to your home before selling time to appeal to the type of buyer who is looking at homes like yours.

But how much should you spend?

"I tell clients if you do a complete gut of a bathroom down to the studs and rebuild f...

Top Five Things to Consider When Designing an Accessible Bathroom for Wheelchair Users
January 29th, 2019 7:31 pm

Bathroom Safety Is One of the Number One Concerns in Making a Home Accessible

Making Sure Your Bathroom Is Safe and Secure for Everyone Should Be a Top Priority!

Creative Bath Systems

The Bathroom Can Be One of the Most Dangerous Places in Your Home

Many people are finding themselves needing to modify their home due to using a wheelchair and also in preparing to remain in their homes as they age. There are currently at least 30 million Americans using wheelchairs and those numbers continue to increase as a large population of people with age related challenges look for ways to live independently in their homes. Let's take a look at a crucial area of the home to address accessibility: the bathroom.

The bathroom can be one of the most dangerous pla...

Bring Back the Safety and Security of Peaceful Bathing with Our Walk-In Bathtubs
January 28th, 2019 9:16 pm

Don't Deprive Yourself of a Luxurious Bath or Shower Any Longer!

We Have over Thirty Different Walk-In Bathtub Models to Choose From!

Creative Bath Systems

Our Therapeutic Walk-In Bathtubs

The Creative Access division of Creative Bath Systems deals with all of our special needs products and services which can help make your home more accessible. We proudly offer a wide variety of custom modifications which allow for easier access in the bathroom as well as around all other areas your home that may need it.

One of our bathroom modifications, in particular, that will bring back the safety and security of peaceful bathing once again is our superior Walk-In Bathtub. If you have been depriving yourself of a l...

A Functional Floor Plan Is the Key to Building and Remodeling Success
January 26th, 2019 7:56 pm

Take a Look at These Bathroom Layout Guidelines & Requirements

Configuring a Comfortable Space That Meets Your Families Needs Starts Here!

Creative Bath Systems

Take Time to Assess Your Needs & Devise an Efficient Layout

Whether you're remodeling or building, designing the bathroom of your dreams is an exciting and thoughtful process. In order to help bring your dream bath into focus, take time to assess your needs and devise an efficient layout. With a smart strategy in place, it's easier to set a budget, hire contractors, and shop for beautiful finishes.

A functional floor plan is the key to building and remodeling success. To determine space-planning requirements, answer the questions below to shed light on how you'll use the spa...

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