The Creative Bath Systems Acrylic Solution

We offer many different styles of bathtub liners. The bathtub liner is designed to fit over your existing bathtub to give your bath a new and updated look. Our bathtub liners are custom made to be an exact fir to your existing bathtub. Acrylic bathtub liners installed by Creative Bath Systems will last much longer than your average tub will, and look and feel like a new bathtub because of the sturdy designs and durability. By installing a Creative Bath Systems tub liner, you get a bathtub that will have no grout lines, that will not chip or dent, and that is of much higher quality than regular bathtubs. Acrylic retains heat, meaning that your bathtub experience can last much longer and be much more relaxing. You get a hotter bath for a longer period of time so relax, let the bath soothe you as you melt away the day's stresses. And, our bathtub liners are easy to clean and maintain.

Benefits of Creative Bath Systems Arcylic Bathtub Liners

  • Made of ¼" thick DR/ABS co-extruded acrylic
  • Custom made to fit your existing bathtub
  • Will never crack, chip, peel, dent, or become brittle
  • Non-Porous, smooth and scratch resistant
  • Slip resistant bottom molded in to each bath liner
  • Install in 1 day with no mess
  • Several colors to choose from
  • Easy to clean
  • Hold in the heat for longer baths
  • Professional and quick installation
  • Can be installed without damaging your walls

Luxury Wall Liner Replacement

Installing a Creative Bath Systems bathtub liner over your old bathtub will definitely enhance your bathroom, but what about your old wall? Why surround your new, beautiful tub with peeling tiles and moldy grout? Let Creative Bath Systems surround your bath with elegance. Our luxury acrylic wall systems are the perfect complement to your Creative Bath Systems acrylic bathtub liner.

Benefits of Creative Bath Systems Arcylic Wall Surrounds

  • Can be installed over your existing wall or tile
  • Smooth durable high impact ABS acrylic
  • Thickest material in the industry
  • Able to install the walls from floor to ceiling without trim pieces
  • No grout – easy maintenance
  • Simulated Tile patterns with no seams or grout to worry about
  • Stone, marble, and solid color selections available
  • Creative Bath Systems wall surrounds will not chip, crack, or break
  • Installed in 1 day


Full Remodeling Service

Creative Bathy Systems is about more than fitting your old bathtub and wall with acrylic liners. If you are looking for a full bathroom renovation, look no further! We will gladly take on your project and fully design a whole new bathroom for you. We will take the time to sit down with you and understand exactly what you have in mind so that you are fully satisfied with your new bathroom. Nothing is out of reach – we will quickly and professionally build or renovate floors, vanities, toilets, sinks and countertops. For more information and a full quote on your renovation project, contact us directly from Creative Bath Systems.


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