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Get a Complete Tubliner and Wall Surround installed, a completely renovated bathtub area in as little as one day. Seriously! We will explain how you can save time, money and even save yourself some headaches too! Contact us today.

Replacing a bath or shower can be costly even if you decide to do it yourself. Creative Bath Systems offers an easy, cost effective permanent solution using the thickest acrylic liner and wall surfaces available on the market. In one day, a Creative Bath Systems certified technician can install a new tub liner directly over any existing bath unit. We can even give you a marble look that won't chip or break.

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Advantages of Acrylic

  It will not chip.

It will not dent.

It will not crack.

It will not peel.

It will not fade.

It will not stain.

Retains heat three times longer.

Warm to the touch.

There are no grout lines!

There are many advantages of using a liner instead of replacing the old bathtub. Imagine getting a whole new look for any bathroom in only one day! Installing a bath liner ensures quick results, causes no mess and, because our bathtub replacement liners are made of high quality, thick, durable acrylic, there's no need to worry about changing them for a very long time.

Most people have misconceptions about using a less costly, more service friendly local contractor, even one who has been around for years like Creative Bath Systems. Big contractors and installers spend tons of money advertising and spreading falsehoods because they need to get so much business to reward their shareholders and make a profit. We'd like to tell you a few truths about acrylic bathtub liners and wall covers and the companies that manufacture and install them. At Creative Bath Systems we know that honesty is always the best policy.

Myths and Misconceptions About the Big Companies

  • We all buy from factories, so we're ALL factory direct.
  • All manufactures carry lifetime warranties, no matter who you buy them from.
  • No they do not install the thickest bathtub liners. we do, because there's only one manufacturer that makes the thickest liner and we carry it exclusively, it's a BCI product.
  • All tub liners are custom fitted, measured and molded to fit your tub. This isn't true, most fit right over your bathtub, which is why we don't waste your time or money, we're in and out in a day if possible. Why pay for extra labor if you don't have to? Some tubs, however, do need to be custom fitted. We can do that too!
  • No their product is not superior to ours, we carry the thickest, and no, not every bath tub must be custom fitted, in fact, most don't, so why is their price so much higher than ours? You can't get a better product or better service so don't pay a higher price, call us!
  • We have the best installers.' No they have installers that jump back and forth between companies from contractor to contractor as work dictates. We are a family owned and operated business and have been from the get go. We are a team because we only work with each other.
  • Cheaper Tub Refinishing! They use the word cheaper, because they use a cheap product, which will last a couple of years at best. They don't care; they probably won't even be in business by then. We've been at this for sixty combined years. Think about it! Re-glazing your tub is the same as painting your walls over and over and over again.

Why leave your bathroom to chance? Why have to keep replacing your liner or purchase an inferior product? With this special offer, you can have the THICKEST, best bathtub liner and wall surrounds installed in as little as a day!

Don't believe the lies! Creative Bath Systems offers you factory direct liners with lifetime warranties. We've done this in Ohio for years, we're fully insured and licensed. Why spend more to get less? Get a new bathroom today by building right over top of your existing one. Imagine getting a whole new look for any bathroom in one day! Creative Bath Systems can make this a reality..

We offer only the THICKEST ACRYLIC BATHTUB LINERS AVAILABLE, at the lowest possible price. Don't settle for less!

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