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Acrylic Bathtub Liners

"A bathtub that will have no grout lines!"
We offer many different styles of bathtub liners. The bathtub liner is designed to fit over your existing bathtub to give your bath a new and updated look. Our bathtub liners are custom made to be an exact for to your existing bathtub. Acrylic bathtub liners installed by Creative Bath Systems will last much longer than your average tub will, and look and feel like a new bathtub because of the sturdy designs and durability. By installing a Creative Bath Systems tub liner, you get a bathtub that will have no grout lines, that will not chip or dent, and that is of much higher quality than regular bathtubs. Acrylic retains heat, meaning that your bathtub experience can last much longer and be much more relaxing. You get a hotter bath for a longer period of time so relax, let the bath soothe you as you melt away the day's stresses. And, our bathtub liners are easy to clean and maintain.

Benefits of Acrylic Bathtub Liners

- Made of ¼" thick DR/ABS co-extruded acrylic
- Custom made to fit your existing bathtub
- Will never crack, chip, peel, dent, or become brittle
- Non-Porous, smooth and scratch resistant
- Slip resistant bottom molded in to each bath liner
- Install in 1 day with no mess
- Several colors to choose from
- Easy to clean
- Hold in the heat for longer baths
- Professional and quick installation
- Can be installed without damaging your walls

Luxury Wall Liner Replacement

Installing a Creative Bath Systems bathtub liner over your old bathtub will definitely enhance your bathroom, but what about your old wall? Why surround your new, beautiful tub with peeling tiles and moldy grout? Let Creative Bath Systems surround your bath with elegance. Our luxury acrylic wall systems are the perfect complement to your Creative Bath Systems acrylic bathtub liner.

Benefits of Acrylic Wall Surrounds

- Can be installed over your existing wall or tile
- Smooth durable high impact ABS acrylic
- Thickest material in the industry
- Able to install the walls from floor to ceiling without trim pieces
- No grout – easy maintenance
- Simulated Tile patterns with no seams or grout to worry about
- Stone, marble, and solid color selections available
- Creative Bath Systems wall surrounds will not chip, crack, or break
- Installed in 1 day


Creative Bath Systems

Creative Bath Systems Tub to Shower Conversions

Creative Bath Systems can convert that old tub into a beautiful new shower by installing an acrylic shower base and shower walls. We have a large selection of styles and colors to choose from.

Cost Effective Solution

Creative Bath Systems offers a cost effective tub to shower conversion using the thickest acrylic liner and wall surfaces available on the market. A Creative Bath Systems certified technician can remove an old tub and assemble a beautiful new acrylic shower. We can even give you a marble look that won't chip or break.


Creative Bath Systems

Creative Bath Systems Walk-in Bathtubs

The Creative Access division of Creative Bath Systems deals with special needs to make your home more accessible. Our custom modifications allow for easier access in your bathroom and all around your home. Creative Bath Systems therapeutic walk-in tubs will bring back the safety and security of peaceful bathing once again. If you have been depriving yourself of a luxurious bath or shower because you are unable to step over your rail of your bathtub or you are concerned of the risk of slipping, then the walk-in bathtub is the solution for you.

Our Walk-In tub line has everything your looking for

Quality – Our American Standard walk-in bathtub is 100% leak proof, mold resistant, and made in America. The walk-in tub entrance provides a low entry step, built-in grab bar and slip resistant floor. Our American Standard Walk-in bathtubs have options for whirlpool water jets, air jets with an in-line water heater for a more comfortable soaking experience.

Warranty – Creative Bath Systems offers a full lifetime warranty with all of our labor and material with each install of a Walk-in bathtub. American Standard walk-in tubs come with a 15 year complete and comprehensive warranty on all motor parts. In addition you also have a lifetime guarantee on the seal of your door. We proudly stand behind our work and our product, and any problem is professionally handled by us.

Walk–In Bathtub Features

- Whirlpool Jets with an in-line water heater
- Air jets for massage therapy
- Dual systems with both Air, water jets
- Soaker with no jets
- Built in grab bar
- Comfort style neck rest
- Chromatherapy
- Quick Drain
- Hand Shower Slide Bar
- Over 30 different models


Creative Bath Systems

What are the benefits of the Walk-Thru Insert?

- Safety, Accessibility, Affordability & Convenience
- Reduce the possibility of falls, while getting in and out of the tub
- A savings of thousands of dollars
- The Walk-Thru Insert is installed using the present tub whether it's made of fiberglass, steel or even cast iron
- A tub-to-shower conversion that simplifies your life and fits your budget

In Less than a Day!

- Affordable, Safe & Easy Alternative Entry Into Your Bath/Shower
- A Unique Solution to the Bathtub Conversion!
- Aids the senior and the caregiver by removing their biggest barrier in the tub area
- A safer entry into your bathtub/shower area has never been easier

Accessibility & Ease of Use

The Walk-Thru Insert is a unique product that enables an individual to access their bathtub in a safe and assured manner. Creative Bath Systems recognize that there are many people who are unable to use a bathtub due to the high sidewalls. According to a recent study by the Council on Aging, numerous accidents occur annually in and around the tub area. This number can be significantly reduced with the use of the Walk-Thru Insert. The safe enjoyment of your new shower is now affordable, quick and easy.

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Creative Bath Systems

Full Bathroom Remodeling

Are you looking to fully remodel your bathroom? Allow us to come out to your home and design the bathroom of your dreams.

Tile Bath Options

Creative Bath Systems is a distributor of DaleTile. We'll sit down with homeowners and work with you and design the bathroom of your dreams.

- Ceramic
- Porcelain
- Glass
- Metal
- Natural Stone
- Manufactured Stone

Tile Redi Shower Bases

A typical installation process of a tile shower base is both timely and costly when compared to the ease and convenience of the Tile Redi shower base. Tile Redi is known for being innovatice and for their focus on design and function. Creative Bath Systems is now carries the Tile Redi products to enable you to have both quality and designer look you want with out breaking your budget.

Redi Base - Shower pans come in over 100 standard models with variety of sizes and drain locations. Ready for tiling in half of the time.

Vanity and Vanity Tops

While designing your bathroom one of the most important fixtures is the vanity cabinet. This choice sets the tone for colors of your bathroom. We have many styles and designs to choose from. The choice of counter tops are limitless; Cultured marble, solid surface, and granite.

Moen Accessories and Fixtures

Creative Bath Systems practices quality reassurance. We provide such high quality service that when we decided to use Moen for our bath faucets we knew we couldn't go wrong with using the same high quality faucets for our sink faucets. The graceful lines and attention to detail in every Moen bathroom faucet are designed to make impressions that last. Creative Bath Systems has a huge collection of bathroom fixtures to choose from. Every thing from toliet paper holder, towel bars, and rob hangers. A distinctive line of bathroom accessories makes it easy to create a perfectly coordinated bathroom design.

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Creative Bath Systems

Creative Access - a division of Creative Bath Systems

The Creative Access division of Creative Bath Systems deals with special needs to make your home more accessible. Our custom modifications allow for easier access in your bathroom and all around your home. We create elegant shower systems to meet all individual needs and give you a more independent showering experience. Doing these home modifications can allow you to truly achieve dreams of independence, meet lifestyle goals, and enjoy peace of mind while staying in the home you love.

What are our Credentials?

We are VA approved, Medicaid Waiver approved, Transitional DD provider, Passport approved, Certified mobility consultant.

Bathroom Accessible Modifications

- All ADA (American Disabilities Act) approved Wheelchair accessible barrier free Showers
- Walk-in bath tubs (over 30 different models)
- Shower Seats
- Grab bars, and Hand rails
- Comfort height American Standard toilets
- Half height Caregiver shower doors and screens
- Walk-Thru inserts (tub cut)
- Tub to shower conversions
- Wheelchair accessible sinks

Home Accessible Modifications

- Home Accessible Modifications: Wheelchair accessible door widening
Wheelchair ramps
- Interior and exterior door widening
- Acorn Stair lifts
- Hand Rails
- Wheelchair accessible cabinets and vanities

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Creative Bath Systems

Barrier Free Showers

Do you need a wheelchair accessible or low threshold shower?

Creative Bath Systems Barrier Free Showers are designed to provide a safe, independent and convenient alternative to a traditional bath tub. The danger of stepping into a bathtub is eliminated, and a low threshold handicap accessible shower allows users to safely walk or roll into the shower without getting tripped up by a raised threshold.

Everyone in your household will benefit from the addition of a barrier-free shower. The size, shape, and style of these user-friendly showers are limited only by your imagination, and available space.

Our Barrier Free Showers Feature:

- Create Accessibility & Safety
- Beautiful Design
- Durable Construction
- Slip resistant surface
- Low or no threshold design
- Customizable Features
- Meets or exceeds Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) standards

Let us come to you!

Let a Creative Bath Systems team member come to you and provide a free in-home consultation. And not just for a barrier free shower, but any other remodeling ideas you may have in mind as well.

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